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Boston Face Lift Center

Boston Face Lift Center is part of the Boston Cosmetic Surgery Center Group, which provides us with extensive resources to help with all of the cosmetic needs of our clients. This allows us to address the unique and individual needs of each client with the best mix of surgical and non-surgical techniques to ensure you look your best. No person is exactly alike, and your cosmetic options should be varied to reflect that.

In our society, both wisdom and youth are celebrated; however, with the remarkable developments in cosmetic technology, one can restore their youth with customized treatment techniques so they can look as young on the outside as they feel on the inside. With the face lift, one can have the best of both worlds: they can enjoy the wisdom and confidence that comes with aging along with the beautifully smooth skin of their youth.

Our surgeon, Dr. Edwin Ishoo, is an individual with impeccable aesthetic sense and taste. Anyone with a hammer and chisel can make marks in stone but only a gifted few create works of art. Dr. Ishoo brings this philosophy to each client, combining the best and most innovative technologies, advanced techniques, and that visual artistic sense so you look your best.

Face Lifts in Boston & Throughout Massachusetts

For our face lift clients we provide a wide range of options and technologies. We address the forehead, eyelids, upper face and cheeks, lower face, and neck, combining treatments to restore a youthful appearance to each area, as needed. While we utilize some of the most advanced technologies on the market today, such as Fraxel re:pair, Smartlipo , and Ultherapy, we realize that sometimes a minimal approach will result in the best results. For this reason alone we offer a free consultation to each client to best identify the combination of therapies to meet their unique needs.

At Boston Face Lift Center you will be guided through all stages of your care – the free consultation, treatment, home care and follow-up appointments – by Dr. Ishoo and his staff.

  • Step One: The Consult. Our on-site physician meets with you in a complimentary consultation. We identify your goals and specific needs, answer questions, and recommend a custom and tailored course of treatment.
  • Step Two: Treatment. Using the latest scientifically proven technologies we provide treatment in our surgical facility. Anesthesia and sedation are available, depending on your procedure.
  • Step Three: Home Care. We want you to know both what we are doing and why so you understand how the treatments and therapies we employ help you achieve your anti-aging goals. Great results can be impacted as much by how you take care of your face at home as what happens in our office so we always provide advice on what to do following a procedure.
  • Step Four: Follow-up. Your treatment is just the beginning. Our home care guidelines and post-procedure appointments are an ongoing focus on the health and vibrance of your face.

Restoring a youthful appearance and taking care of your face is a process, not a one time event. You can count on Boston Face Lift Center to be your partner in this process, providing surgical, non-surgical, short-term and long-term solutions to all of your anti-aging needs.

Call us at 888.875.1845 or complete our consultation form to begin your journey to a youthful, more vibrant self.